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Vise Grip (move)

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Abilities changing the type of moves are not considered for the purpose of STAB
{{Moveentry/Level1|099|Kingler|1|Water|Water|--, 20|--, 12|--, 12|--, 5|--, 5|--, 5}}
* Despite the official English translation of the games normally using {{wp|American English}} spelling, the word "vice" in Vice Grip is rendered with the {{wp|English in the Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth English}} spelling instead, which is rendered in American English as "{{wp|vise}}"<ref>[ Definition of vise - implement, tools and mechanics (US English)] (accessed December 20, 2012)</ref> since it's referring to the mechanical tool.
* This move's Japanese name is also used as the English name of {{m|Clamp|another move}}.
* Because of Mega Pinsir's ability, {{p|Pinsir}} is the only Pokémon that can get STAB from Vice Grip.
==In other languages==