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{{User:Ditto51/Header}}<!--My Friend Code - {{User 3DS|4527-7412-3752 – [[Steel (Type)|Steel Type]]}}
My{| Brother'scellspacing="0" Codecellpadding="0" style="clear:right; margin-bottom: {{User.5em; 3DS|5455margin-9627-7754right: 2em; [[Icefloat: (Type)|Iceright; padding: .5em 0 .8em 1.4em; background: Type]]}}none;"
Leave a message on my [[User_Talk:Ditto51|talk page]] if you use it so that I can add yours.-->
==Currently in Rotation==__TOC__
==My Pokemon==
This is a list of all of my Pokémon from the various games I am currently playing.
===Pokémon Pearl Randomised===
|move1=Pin Missile|move1type=Bug|move1cat=Special
|move3=Dragon Claw|move3type=Dragon|move3cat=Physical
|move4=Aura Sphere|move4type=Fighting|move4cat=Special-->}}
===Pokémon Y===
{| align="center" width="100%"
===ListLiving ofPokédex Ownedon Pokémon Y===
{|align="center" width="100%" class="toccolours" style="text-align: center;" cellpadding="2"
!align=left style="background:#{{Y color}}" width="9%"|<center>'''Total Pokemon Caught<br>662 of 718<br>92.1%'''</center>
|[[File:VSMalva.png|50px|link=Pokémon League (Kalos)#Blazing Chamber|Defeated Malva]] • [[File:VSDrasna.png|50px|link=Pokémon League (Kalos)#Dragonmark Chamber|Defeated Drasna]] • [[File:VSWikstrom.png|50px|link=Pokémon League (Kalos)#Ironwoks Chamber|Defeated Wikstrom]] • [[File:VSSiebold.png|50px|link=Pokémon League (Kalos)#Flood Chamber|Defeated Siebold]] • [[File:VSDiantha.png|50px|link=Pokémon League (Kalos)#Radiant Chamber|Defeated Diantha]] • [[File:XY AZ.png|50px|link=AZ|Defeated AZ at the Parade]] •
!align=left style="background:#{{Black color}}" width="9%"|<center>''[[Badge]]s: – 1434 of 1640''</center>
|[[File:Bug Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Bug Badge|Bug Badge]] • [[File:Cliff Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Cliff Badge|Cliff Badge]] • [[File:Rumble Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Rumble Badge|Rumble Badge]] • [[File:Plant Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Plant Badge|Plant Badge]] • [[File:Voltage Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Voltage Badge|Voltage Badge]] • [[File:Fairy Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Fairy Badge|Fairy Badge]] • [[File:Psychic Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Psychic Badge|Psychic Badge]] • [[File:Flare logo.png|40px|link=Team Flare|Defeated and stopped Team Flare]] • [[File:Iceberg Badge.png|50px|link=Badge#Iceberg Badge|Iceberg Badge]] •
My current project happening in my sandbox is a list of where to fish in {{game|X and Y}} for a particular Pokémon
* [[User:Ditto51/Sandbox/Ash's Pokémon|Ash's Pokémon]]
* [[User:Ditto51/Sandbox/Pokémon X and Y Fishing Locations|XY Fishing Locations]]
* [[User:Ditto51/Sandbox/Twitch Play Pokémon|Twitch Subpage Navbox]]
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==About Me...==
{{User Birthday|January 26th}}
{{User Favorite|610|Axew}}
<!--{{User Movie|151|Mewtwo Strikes Back!||{{psychic color}}|{{water color light}}|{{grass color dark}}}}-->
{{User Favorite Move|717Yveltal|Oblivion Wing|Flying}}
<!--{{User Ruby}}|class="expandable"
|- class="expandable"
|<big>'''About Me More...'''</big>
{{User Birthday|January 26th}}
{{User Movie|151|Mewtwo Strikes Back!||{{psychic color}}|{{water color light}}|{{grass color dark}}}}
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{{User Super Smash Bros. Brawl}}-->
{{User Favorite Type|612|Dragon}}
{{User Favorite Type Pokémon|Normal|133|Eevee}}
{{User Favorite Legendary|151|Mew|Psychic}}
{{User Ball|Quick}}