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:Remember, {{TCG|Darkness}}, not Dark. It may have the same icon whether you have "Dark" or "Darkness" in the {{template|e}} template, but I'm seeking to eliminate that soon; the energy is properly known as Darkness and always has been. Also, don't just put <code><nowiki>{{e}}</nowiki></code>, because that doesn't have the alternate text. Use <code><nowiki>{{e|Colorless}}</nowiki></code>. '''[[User:TTEchidna|<span style="color:#FF0000">TTE</span>]][[User talk:TTEchidna|<span style="color:#0000FF">chidna</span>]]''' 02:51, 28 October 2007 (UTC)
:Plus, if you put {{TCG|Dark}} instead of {{TCG|Darkness}}, you end up linking to a THEME DECK. '''[[User:TTEchidna|<span style="color:#FF0000">TTE</span>]][[User talk:TTEchidna|<span style="color:#0000FF">chidna</span>]]''' 03:00, 28 October 2007 (UTC)
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