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Machamp challenged Hawlucha to battle, and despite Hawlucha's power, it managed to easily take Hawlucha's attacks. Ursaring and Conkeldurr then stepped in and began double-teaming Hawlucha. Although reluctant at first, Machamp realized who the real villain was and defeated Ursaring and Conkeldurr. Machamp carried the two away and said its goodbyes to Hawlucha. Later, Ash challenged Hawlucha to battle with the condition that if he wins, Hawlucha will join his team. Despite the speed of [[Ash's Froakie]], it was easily able to outmaneuver it avoiding its {{m|Water Pulse}} and {{m|Bubble}} attacks; despite this, the battle ended in a tie when Froakie's {{m|Pound}} collided with its Flying Press. Although Hawlucha didn't lose the battle, it decided to join Ash's team.
In [[XY036]], Hawlucha was used in a [[Sky Battle]] against [[Nami]]'s {{p|Talonflame}}. Hawlucha was quickly outmatched due to Flying Press being ineffective and Talonflame easily dodging all of Hawlucha's attacks due to being in the air. Hawlucha was defeated after missing with its Karate Chop and being hit by {{m|Fire Blast}} and {{m|Steel Wing}} attacks.
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