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Gourgeist (Pokémon)

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* A Super Size Gourgeist has a different cry from its other three forms, pitched lower than the cry shared by the other forms.
* Because only Average Size Pumpkaboo can be found in the [[Friend Safari]], only Average Size Gourgeist can have its Hidden Ability {{a|Insomnia}}.
* Gourgeist oddly learns Trick-or-Treat four times, none of which is at level 1. Excluding Smeargle (who only learns the one move), no other Pokémon learns the same move this many times.
** Gourgeist's pre-evolution, Pumpkaboo, only learns Trick-or-Treat three times.
** Gourgeist also learns Shadow Ball twice, and Explosion and Phantom Force twice when including level 1.