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[[File:Nathaniel.png|thumb|250px|Nathaniel holding [[Ash's Pikachu]]]]
'''Nathaniel''' (Japanese: '''ナユタ''' ''Nayuta'') is thea [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[DP138|Strategy Begins At Home!]]''. He is a small boy who lives in [[Twinleaf Town]].
{{Ash}} met Nathaniel isafter aspotting smallhim boypeering whofrom livessome inbushes, [[Twinleafand Town]].the Hetwo dreamssoon ofstruck becomingup a [[Pokémonconversation. Trainer]]Ash whenallowed hethe gets older.budding {{Ashpkmn|Trainer}} metto himhold {{AP|Pikachu}} whenafter he sawasked himpolitely. observingNathaniel's someenthusiasm wildand Pokémon.daily Nathanieladventures reminded Ash of himselfhis whenyounger he was youngerself.
Nathaniel's favorite type of Pokémon are {{type|Bug}}s, and he hopes to catch many of them once he's becomes a Trainer. AshThe mentionspair watched as a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Heracross}} became attracted to himsome [[Honey]] that heNathaniel had earlier slathered on a tree. This encounter spurred Ash to tell him caughtabout his own {{AP|Heracross}}.
==Voice actors==
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|de=Ditte Schupp
|ja=西村ちなみ ''[[Chinami Nishimura]]''
|en=[[List of English voice actors|Meghan McCracken]]
|fi=Heljä Heikkinen
|no=Jannike Kruse
|es_eu=Sara Vivas
|cs=Vojtěch Hájek}}
|pt_br=Gilmara Sanches
|pl=Joanna Pach
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