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sorry i mean unoa team of team rocket
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(sorry i mean unoa team of team rocket)
* Amoonguss is James's second Pokémon to debut in its fully evolved form, the first one being his {{TP|James|Victreebel}}. Like Victreebel, Amoonguss was acquired off-screen.
** While Victreebel was also shown as a {{p|Weepinbell}}, Amoonguss is the only one not to be seen in its pre-evolved form.
**Amoonguss is only Pokemon fully evolved in the Unova region of Team Rocket.
* Amoonguss is James's only Grass-type battler that doesn't show any kind of special affection on him when released from its [[Poké Ball]].
* Amoonguss is the only Pokémon Team Rocket caught in Unova that doesn't have a confirmed [[gender]].