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In ''[[BW097|Unova's Survival Crisis!]]'', Ash used Unfezant along with {{AP|Pikachu}} to battle the Kami trio after {{an|Giovanni}} took control of them to keep Ash and friends occupied. After [[Iris's Dragonite]] was injured and fell to the ground, Unfezant and Pikachu managed to save {{an|Iris}} and Dragonite from being attacked by {{p|Thundurus}}. When {{an|Meloetta}} was finally freed from the tomb, Unfezant grabbed it so that it didn't fall and get hurt.
In ''[[BW 99|A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!]]'', Ash used his Unfuzant for having the ability to fly and having great speed on her side. While he tag battle with Cilan and his Pansage. While the brothers have shown their amazing combination attacks to Ash and Cilan being very powerful. Showing off their power Ash and and Cilan decide to make their combination attacks by making quick attack and Dig to make quick dogdig which was shown to be effective then finished with a Pansage Solarbeam.
In ''[[BW107|Cameron's Secret Weapon!]]'', Ash used Unfezant in his [[Vertress Conference]] battle against {{un|Cameron}} and his {{TP|Cameron|Riolu}}. Despite Unfezant having the type advantage, Riolu proved to be a powerful opponent, being able to dodge both {{m|Gust}} and {{m|Quick Attack}} before landing on Unfezant's back and serving a close range hit with {{m|Force Palm}}. Ash told Unfezant to shake Riolu off and then strike back with an {{m|Air Cutter}}. However, the Emanation Pokémon was able to dodge the attack and then use {{m|Copycat}}, hitting Unfezant with her own move, before serving another hit with {{m|Vacuum Wave}}. Unfezant tried to attack with {{m|Aerial Ace}}, but the Flying-type's last effort was avoided and countered by Riolu's {{m|Circle Throw}}, which sent Unfezant flying into the arena wall, knocking her out.