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Johto Safari Zone

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* Johto did not have a Safari Zone in [[Generation II]]. However, an [[Beta Safari Zone|unused, incomplete]] Safari Zone map still exists in the coding of the Generation II games, accessible through the use of cheating devices. From its location on the map and the positioning of the return warps, it is assumed it was intended to be the [[Kanto Safari Zone]] three years later.
* The number of Pokémon species that can be acquired in this Safari Zone is by far the largest quantity in the main series to date, and includes several species that were never before available in the wild, most notably {{p|Shelgon}}, {{p|Metang}}, {{p|Breloom}}, {{p|Vigoroth}} and {{p|Riolu}}.
* This Safari Zone is the only oneSafari forZone which the player can customize the arrangement of its areas.
* This is the only Safari Zone not to put a limit on the number of steps a player can take before being forced out.
* The two construction workers outside of the Safari Zone, in the [[Safari Zone Gate]], imply that they are the ones who move the Safari Zone areas; they mention that most people would think a complicated system would be in place, as well as complaining about aches and pains.