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Errors: I have just checked the Japanese version of this special, and Ekans's Japanese name was correct (Arbo). No errors in the credits too.
[[File:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Error.png|thumb|200px|right|The miscoloration]]
* When Gengar ordered Ekans to eat up all the Berries that Team Go-Getters collected, he called the Poisonous Snake Pokémon ''{{p|Arbok}}'', which may be a misinterpretation of the Japanese name of {{p|Ekans}}, ''Arbo''. This error was also present in the Japanese version and even in the credits.
** If one listens closely to Ekans's response after the error, he replies with "Gee, thanks," as if the mistake was made to be intentional.
* In one scene, the top of Aunty Kangaskhan's head is discolored brown.