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{{undgd|Doll|{{p|Pikachu}} Doll|A cute PIKACHU Doll.|70-99|pale|Pikachu}}
{{undgd|Ball Ornament Sprite DPPt|Ball Ornament|A commemorative object modeled after a [[Poké Ball]].|loc=Unknown}}
{{undgd|Beauty Cup Sprite DPPt|Beauty Cup|A winner’s cup that is awarded only to a truly beautiful Pokémon.|loc=Receive from [[Mr. Goods]] after completing {{OBP|Beauty|condition}} Contest Master Rank}}
{{undgd|Blue Crystal Sprite DPPt|Blue Crystal|A rare blue crystal awarded to helpful people.|loc=Receive from [[Mr. Goods]] after meeting 100 people in [[the Underground]]}}
{{undgd|Doll|{{p|Bonsly}} Doll|A cute BONSLY Doll.|loc=Buy at Veilstone Dept. Store for {{PDollar}}2000|6=Bonsly}}