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===Generation VI===
{{incomplete[[File:ORAS_Prerelease_Secret_Base_empty.png|section}}thumb|A Secret Base in Generation VI]]
Secret Bases are set to return in {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|s}} as '''Super Secret Bases.''' All new features will be included, such as the ability to share bases online via QR codes and a flag-collection game (similar to that of [[The Underground#Secret Bases|Thethe Underground]]), and creation of a custom [[Gym|Pokémon Gym]]. It will also be possible to, by visiting another player's Secret Base, have battles with the members, as well as bringing the owners to the player's in-game Secret Base, turning them into Secret Pals. These that may either be battled or give the player help. The service provided will vary from pal to pal.
[[Aarune]] is an expert on Super Secret Bases and teaches the player about them.
* ItIn [[the Underground]] it is possible for a [[The Underground#Mining|mining]] spot to spawn on the same spot as the player's Secret Base.
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