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Forgot to update my wiki staff status for those two wikis | I don't edit Nookipedia. I was demoted ages ago, but I forgot I added it here. If I get promoted a 3rd time, I'm not going to add it back here because it's not a significant thing I do.
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I was promoted to temporary Junior Admin during the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White to help with updating pages during the lockdown. After the lock was lifted, my powers became permanent, and I became a true Junior Administrator. In early January, I found that I was trusted on the Archives as well, and had been given Junior Administrator rights. In March, I was promoted to Admin on Bulbapedia, then on the Archives too shortly after. Less than a week after my Archives promotion, I was given as staff position on Bulbanews during the staff restructure—Writer. In early May, I was appointed Project GlitchDex Leader (after applying for it). In September 2011, I was promoted to a Senior Adminstrator on the Archives. In November 2011, I was promoted to a Senior Writer on Bulbanews. In December 2011, I was promoted to a Senior Administrator on Bulbapedia, making me a Bulbawiki Senior Citizen, a self-coined term, and apparently shared with {{u|Bikini Miltank}}. In April 2012, I was promoted to member of the {{n|Bulbanews:Board of editors|Bulbanews board of editors}}, which also resulted in me getting moderator powers in the [ Bulbanews forum] on the forums. In June 2012, I was promoted to member of the [[a:Archives:Advisory Council|Archives Advisory Council]]. In August 2012, I was promoted to a Bureaucrat on Bulbapedia, so now I have to learn how to spell it.
Also, I occasionally participate in [[Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance|NIWA]]. I occasionally visit the dead forums, and have an account at every member site (as well as some prospective members such as [ Game & Watch Wiki]). I am even a patroller on [[Zelda WikiNookipedia]] and an administrator on [[NookipediaZelda Wiki]]. Also, those interwiki redirects for SSB characters, like [[Pit]] and [[Peach]], are my doing. I encourage all editors to link to NIWA members over Wikipedia where applicable. I am Bulbapedia's NIWA representative, so if you have anything related to NIWA you want done, let me know.
I'm SnorlaxMonster on [ YouTube], [ Twitter]... in fact, I'm SnorlaxMonster pretty much everywhere, so you should recognize me easily. I also use ShapelessMonstrosity sometimes (typically on non-Pokémon sites, and I'm far more active on YouTube as [ ShapelessMonstrosity]).