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Types of coins: P!P requirements for dice used as coins
A coin can be a real, monetary coin, a special metal, or a cardboard disc with a Pokémon on it, or any small, flat object that has the same chance of landing on either of two sides when flipped. Coins that are not official Pokémon merchandise and supplied expressly for use in the Trading Card Game are not allowed in sanctioned events.
Sometimes, the player may prefer to use a {{wp|Dice|die}} rather than a coin, with even numbers representing heads and odd numbers representing tails. OrganizedCurrent playPlay! dicePokémon usedrules forstate cointhat flipsa mustdie beused as a differentcoin typemust orhave colorthe offollowing diecharacteristics: than"distinguishable onesfrom beingdice used to markas damage. Beginningcounters, inbe thetransparent 2013or seasontranslucent, ahave newwell rulerounded wasedges, addedand statinghave thatsix anysides diewith useda duringcube sanctioned events for coin flips must be transparent or translucentshape." Dice are generally preferred over coins by tournament players because of their ease of use.
Official Pokémon dice to be used in lieu of coins are often distributed at larger organized play events, such as State/Province/Territory Championships and Regional Championships.