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Appendix:Glossary (TCG)

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Damage: dice are often used
When an Active Pokémon attacks, the attack they use may specify an amount of damage (ダメージ ''Damēji'') to be done to the Pokémon being attacked. Damage is tallied up, by way of '''damage counters''' (ダメカン ''Damekan'', short for ダメージカウンター ''Damējikauntā''), in order to Knock Out an opponent's Pokémon. Each damage counter counts as 10 damage, so, for example, if a Pokémon had 120 [[#Hit Points|Hit Points]] and had twelve or more damage counters on it, it would be Knocked Out. Damage done by attacks may also be affected by the Weakness or Resistance of the Pokémon being attacked. In place of actual counters, dice are often used to indicate damage; this is very common practice and it saves time. An example would be if a Pokémon had a die with the 5 side up, it would have 50 damage.
==Defending Pokémon==