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* This was one of the few times Meowth fought alongside Jessie's and James's Pokémon, using {{m|Fury Swipes}} on Ash's Chimchar. Meowth normally fights alone or with Jessie and James.
* Instead of {{an|Professor Oak}}'s Pokémon lecture, the end of the episode featured a memorial to ''[[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]]''. This is part of a countdown to ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]''.
* This episode marks the first time one of the main character's previous Pokémon got a design change from its original appearance. In this case, {{AP|Ash's Caterpie's|CaterpieButterfree}}'s mouth is changed from yellow to green as it does in Caterpie's official Sugimori art.
* The dub title is loosely based on the phrase "the gift that keeps on giving."
* This is one of the rare episodes where the ''TO BE CONTINUED...'' sign appears on the top-right corner of the screen.
* [[Ed Paul]] (who was credited as Ted Lewis in Seasonseason 1) reprises his role as {{an|Giovanni}}, making him the first returning voice actor to regain one of his roles since the dubbing of the show switched from 4Kids to {{TPCi|Pokémon USA}}.
* This episode, along with [[DP081|the next episode]], is rather infamous for a hoax put up on [[Pokéani]] in regards to episode titles and summaries. This episode's hoax summary was that May or Dawn, whoever won against each other, got to battle Wallace, and they also had to stop an out of control Yanmega.
* This episode is the basis for the book ''Triple Trouble.''