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* ''Complete Pokédex featuring all 151 Pokémon''
* ''Comprehensive skills list''
The strategy guide for Pokémon Stadium was published by Prima in 2000. It is ISBN 0761522786. The front of the guide features {{p|Charizard}} and {{p|Blastoise}} from the game's cover artwork.
Aside from information on how to use the game's many features, such as the [[Game Boy Tower]] and the Pokémon Lab, the guide also includes party and moveset lists for all the Trainers in the game's many Cups (Prime Cup, Petit Cup, Poké Cup, Pika Cup and Gym Leader Castle) and information on unlockable secrets in the game (such as the Doduo and Dodrio GB Tower and various Pokémon that can be unlocked to download to the Game Boy games, like Surfing Pikachu).