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[[File:Underground merchant locations DPPt.png|thumb|256px|Location of the merchants who sell and buy Traps from players.]]
A '''Trap''' (Japanese: '''トラップ''' ''Trap'') is an object that can be obtained and used only in [[the Underground]] of [[Sinnoh]]. All Traps, except the [[Digger Drill]], are activated when stepped on and can be buried on the ground to slow down or to stop any Trainer from returning another player's flag to their own [[secretSecret baseBase]].
Traps can be bought by the player using [[Sphere]]s or be found placed in the ground. The maximum number of Traps allowed to be placed by a player is sixteen. If a player exceeds the sixteen, the oldest laid Trap will disappear and become impossible to retrieve. Traps laid by a player usually come in two different colors: light orange, for easier to escape and less expensive Traps, and dark red, for more difficult to escape and more expensive Traps. Message Traps, however, come in different pastel colors to indicate which message the Trap will send out. This helps the player as to not get caught in her/his own Traps.
===Digging Traps===
While it is not technically a Trap per se, the [[Digger Drill]] is classified as a Trap under the game's standards. It is only classified as a Trap because it cannot be placed into the [[bag]] like a treasure, or be placed into the [[secretSecret baseBase]] like [[goods]]. It allows players to create a Secret Base.
*Digger Drill - A single-use drill to drill a hole in the wall for your Secret Base.