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A '''flute''' (Japanese: '''ビードロ''' ''vidro'') is a hand-blown glass instrument that produces sound when it is blown into. Originating in {{wp|Portugal}}, these flutes are a common decoration in Japan, and in the Pokémon world, have various effects depending on their color.
In {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, [[volcanic ash]] can be collected in the {{key|III|Soot Sack}} by walking through the ash-covered grass on {{rt|113|Hoenn}} and in the [[Jagged Pass]]. This ash can be used by a man on Route 113 to create these flutes as well as exclusive furniture for a player's [[secretSecret baseBase]], with different items requiring different amounts of ash.
The flutes can be reused indefinitely, meaning that a player will only ever need to obtain one of each, though multiple copies can be obtained for trading to other games when [[held item|held by a Pokémon]].