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Appendix:Platinum walkthrough/Section 6

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====Underground Man====
Right next to the Pokémon Center is the house of the [[Underground Man]], who will give you the [[Explorer Kit]]. You can use this daily to travel to the [[Sinnoh Underground]], a vast expanse of tunnels where you can mine for items and create a [[secretSecret baseBase]].
There are two potential types of fossils that can be mined in the Underground, but only one type is available per game. It has to do with the last digit of your [[Trainer ID number]] (visible on your [[Trainer Card]]). If the last digit is odd then you'll be able to obtain the Skull Fossil ({{p|Cranidos}}), but if it is even then you'll get the Armor Fossil ({{p|Shieldon}}). Fossils can be revived into their respective Pokémon in the [[Oreburgh Mining Museum]]. The Fossils from Generation I and III can only be obtained after getting the [[National Pokédex]].