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Dawn (anime)

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In the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
She later trained in ''[[DP167|Teaching the Student Teacher!]]'' where she came up with a new tactic for the [[Grand Festival]], the Ice Chandelier, which she managed to perfect by trial and error. Though she originally wanted to see Pachirisu use its Discharge attack while surrounded by Mamoswine's Ice Shard, she eventually decided to cover Pachirisu in a larger bubble of ice from Buneary's {{m|Ice Beam}}. This gave Pachirisu enough room to run, making Ice Chandelier look its best. Besides coming up with combination moves, she also acquired a new Pokémon, {{TP|Dawn|Togekiss}}. Dawn trained with Togekiss in ''[[DP172|With the Easiest of Grace!]]'' to find a way to battle with it while not ignoring its need to move gracefully, and she was eventually able to adjust her own battling style to accommodate her new Pokémon.
[[File:Poffin.png|thumb|left|210px|Dawn's [[Poffin]]s]]
Dawn entered the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]] in ''[[DP174|Last Call — First Round!]]'', using her Buneary and Cyndaquil in the Appeals Round. She progressed through the round and battled [[Ursula]] first in [[DP175|the next episode]]. With Mamoswine and Pachirisu she was able to successfully use her combination Ice Chandelier to defeat [[Ursula's Gabite]] and {{p|Flareon}}. In the [[DP176|following episode]], she defeated [[Jessie|Jessilina]] and progressed to the [[DP177|finals]]. Dawn would face Zoey in the final round, which fulfilled the promise the two had made with each other after their fistfirst Contest to some day meet in the last round of the Grand Festival.
It was a very evenly matched and close fight between her Piplup and Togekiss and [[Zoey's Glameow]] and {{p|Gallade}}, but in the end Dawn lost. After the finals, she met with her mother and returned the Ribbon Johanna had given her as a good luck charm at the very start of her journey. Dawn said that she no longer needed to walk in her mother's shadow, and only needed her Pokémon's care and support to become a Top Coordinator, proving to her mother and to herself how much she had grown as a Trainer.