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In ''[[AG019|Sharpedo Attack!]]'', Mr. Briney was still taking the group to Dewford Town. On the way, they take a break on an unnamed island that isn't on any map. While there, a group of {{p|Sharpedo}} arrived. Mr. Briney rescued May and [[Max]] from them with the help of Peeko. The group were able to bypass them and got on the island. The leader Sharpedo arrived when Ash got its attention and Mr. Briney trapped it in a wooden fence. Sharpedo became sick and {{an|Brock}} helped {{p|Sharpedo}} recover. At the end of the episode, Mr. Briney and the group left the island and arrived in Dewford Town. He dropped them off there and waved his farewells to them.
In ''[[BW141|Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!]]'', {{an|Cilan}} mentions that he is heading to [[JohtoHoenn]] to compete in the {{DL|Fishing|Old Rod}} Fishing Rally that is being hosted by Mr. Briney.
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