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[[File:PokesavScreenshot.png|thumb|right|Screenshots of Pokésav 0.39 English, when used with {{wp|Windows XP}}]]
'''Pokésav''' is a program that edits save files for Pokémon games, developed by a Japanese programmer by the name of COM. There are currently versions of the program for editing the save files of {{game|Diamond}}, {{game|Pearl}}, {{game|Platinum}}, {{game|HeartGold}}, {{game|SoulSilver}}, {{game|Black}}, {{game|White}}, {{game|Black 2}}, and {{game|White 2}} save files, developed by a Japanese programmer by the name of COMgames. OneSave versionfiles worksmay with any Diamond or Pearl save file, and another works with Platinum, including thosebe backed up from a commercial cartridge using a flashcart such as the R4 or a cheating device such as the GameShark Duo. The applicationPokésav can also export [[Action Replay]] DS codes; that, when activated, the codes will provide the same effects in-game as editing the save file.
As of October 31, 2010, the latest Japanese version of Pokésav is 0.06c of the program for Black and White, and there have been no new versions since. This may be influenced by the increasing threat of Japan's internet piracy laws, as well as the increasing use of a similar program, PokeGen.
With Pokésav, players can edit many aspects of the game including Pokémon, and their movesets, the inventory, and in-game records. BecauseUse of this, many people consider it to be a "hacking"the program useddoes to gain an unfair advantage in competitive play. Creatingcarry a Pokémonrisk of any caliber may only take a few minutes withcorrupting the usesave of Pokésavfile, whereas it may take hours and hours to legitimately breed and train the same Pokémonhowever. This bringsBacking up questions as to whether the use of the program is ethical. Despite this benefit, there is still the risk of corrupting a save file whilebefore using Pokésav. As a precaution it is strongly advised that anyone attempting to use the program backwill up their save file before doing so. However with the release of updated versionsmitigate this has been worked onrisk.
To combat the usage of programs like Pokésav, Nintendo has banned the use of all Pokémon they determine to be "hacked" from online play. This includes such Pokémon with impossible movesets, Abilities, or genders that they're not supposed to have such as a {{p|Spiritomb}} [[Wondertomb|with]] {{a|Wonder Guard}} or a male {{p|Chansey}}. However, sometimes Nintendo's servers cannot differentiate edited Pokémon from trained Pokémon, so these legitimate-looking Pokémon are often let through.
When the early version of {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}'s Pokésav was released, Sinnoh location names were still in the program, making it difficult to set some values. This was later fixed in the Japanese version, though the current English version (.03a) still lacks this important update. It was later discovered that HeartGold and SoulSilver do not read location in the traditional sense, and instead use a hidden hexadecimal value to read Johto/Kanto location names.
PeopleWhen whothe haveearly translatedversion Pokésav:of English{{game|HeartGold translationsand bySoulSilver|s}}'s variousPokésav (GSD/CadaGuti/fenzo666/coolbho3k)was released, DutchSinnoh translationlocation bynames Grovyle91were still in the program, Frenchmaking translationit bydifficult fenzo666to (D/P)set andsome GruntZvalues. (Platinum),While Germanthis translationwould bylater fixed in the Japanese version, the current English translationversion for(.03a) Pokésavhas not HGSSmade bythis CloneCharizardupdate.
AThe newlatest version of Pokésav was released compatible with {{2v2|Black|White}}. This version has been fully translated into English by jsparrow<!--Clone's 0.06c is still incomplete-->. As of 25 May 2014 the latest English version, along with Japanese, and Dutch for {{2v2|Black|White}} is (0.06c. This version) does not edit Gym Badges. With the increasing use of PokeGen and Japan's internet piracy laws, there have been no new versions from COM, the name of the Japanese creator, since.
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