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Ash and friends enjoy the evening festival, eating Croagunk cookies and watching Croagunk-shaped fireworks. Crasher Wake MCs the event and introduces Hamilton, the defending Champion, who places Craig's crown on a pedestal - to be won by this year's Champion. Crasher Wake, the operator of the rail system, and Nurse Joy judge the competition.
All of the Croagunk take turns coming on stage, crouching then croaking, apparently comparing their looks and physical condition. The judges and local crowd are excited by their different aspects, but Ash. and cocompany are confused; as far as they can see, the Croagunk all look exactly the same. Brock's Croagunk takes the stage and the judges are impressed by Croagunk's looks.
Team Rocket dresses {{MTR}} up in a Croagunk costume and sends him out on stage. Meowth is thoroughly embarrassed, but the crowd and judges go wild for it. Hamilton is unimpressed.