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FireRed and LeafGreen
====FireRed and LeafGreen====
:''<{{player}}>: ''"Hi! Do you like <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>monPokémon</sc>? Uh, no, I just asked you. Huh? You're strange!"
:''Copycat: ''"Hmm? Quit mimicking? But, that's my favorite hobby!"
* If the player has a Poké Doll
:''"Oh wow! A <sc>Poké Doll</sc>! For me? Thank you! You know what? I can teach the move <sc>Mimic</sc>."''
:* Yes
:: ''"I really love <sc>Mimic</sc>! Who's going to learn it?"''
:* No
:: ''"Don't you like <sc>Mimic</sc>?"''
* Afterwards
:<player>: ''"Hi! Thanks for earlier! Pardon? Is it that fun to mimic my every move?"
:Copycat: ''"You bet! It's a scream!"
====HeartGold and SoulSilver====