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== Cards ==
=== Pokémon ===
*'''{{TCG ID|Black & White|Zekrom|47}}''' is- the main attacker of this deck. With just {{e|Lightning}}{{e|Lightning}}{{e|Lightning}}, it can deal 120 damage using ''Bolt Strike''. Unfortunately, it deals 40 damage to itself. Once it acquires enough damage counters, it can use its ''Outrage'' attack instead, which increases in power with each damage counter on itself.
*'''{{TCG ID|Call of Legends|Pachirisu|18}}'s'' - Poké-Power, ''Self-Generation'', allows the player to instantly place two Lightning Energies on Pachirisu when it is moved from the player's hand to the Bench. Along with {{TCG ID|Unleashed|Shaymin|8}}, it helps Zekrom have enough Energy to quickly use its ''Bolt Strike'' attack.
*'''{{TCG ID|Unleashed|Shaymin|8}}'s'' - Poké-Power, ''Celebration Wind'', allows the player to move Pachirisu's Energy to Zekrom when Shaymin is moved from the player's hand to the Bench. Along with {{TCG ID|Call of Legends|Pachirisu|18}}, it helps Zekrom have enough Energy to quickly use its ''Bolt Strike'' attack.
*'''{{TCG ID|Emerging Powers|Tornadus|89}}''' is- the secondary attacker of this deck. It has a resistance to the {{TCG|Fighting}} type and can deal 80 damage for {{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}} by usingwith ''Hurricane''.
*'''{{TCG ID|Triumphant|Magby|41}}''' is mainly used to counter {{TCG ID|Emerging Powers|Gothitelle|47}}. By using ''Play with Fire'', it burns the Defending Pokémon for no Energy and puts itself to sleep. Magby's ''Sweet Sleeping Face'' then protects Magby from any damage while it is Asleep. Like many [[Baby Pokémon]], it has a free [[retreat cost]].
=== Trainers and Supporters ===
*'''{{TCG ID|Black & White|Professor Juniper|101}} is a Supporter card discards the player's current hand and draws 7 cards.
*'''{{TCG ID|Undaunted|Sage's Training|77}} is a Supporter card that allows the player to choose 2 cards from the first 5 cards in their deck.
*'''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Professor Oak's New Theory|101}} is a Supporter card that causes the player to shuffle their current hand into their deck and draw 6 cards.
*'''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Pokémon Collector|97}}''' is a Supporter card that- lets the player search for any 3 Basic Pokémon in their deck and show them to the opponent. Because all of the Pokémon in ZPST are Basic Pokémon, this can help with generating the requisite Pokémon for this deck archetype to work.
*'''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Pokégear 3.0|96}}''' is- a Trainer card that allows the player to choose a Supporter card from the top 7 cards of their deck.
*'''{{TCG ID|Noble Victories|Eviolite|91}}''' is- a Pokémon Tool card that reduces any damage taken from attacks by 20 if attached to a Basic Pokémon.
*'''{{TCG ID|Noble Victories|Rocky Helmet|94}}''' is- a Pokémon Tool card. If the Active Pokémon has a Rocky Helmet attached to itself, it damages the opponent whenever it deals damage to the Active Pokémon by using an attack.
*'''{{TCG ID|Noble Victories|Xtransceiver|96}}''' is an Item card that- allows the player to search for any Supporter card in their deck, after flipping a coin and getting heads.
== Typical decklist ==