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Mother Gengar (TCG)

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[[File:MewtwoLVXLegendsAwakened144.jpg|thumb|left|{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Mewtwo LV.X|144}}]]
''The following cards are often used in Mother Gengar in place of certain cards included in the above list.''
* '''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Mewtwo LV.X|144}} '''- Mewtwo LV.X provides a way to easily beat decks based on Pokémon SP. Its Poké-Body, ''Psybarrier'' prevents it from being damaged by Basic Pokémon.
* '''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Azelf|19}}''' - Azelf's ''Time Walk'' Poké-Power can be used in the event that an important Pokémon card(s) is prized. In most Mother Gengar builds, Azelf is not necessary because the deck runs multiple copies of important cards.
*''' {{TCG|Cyrus's Conspiracy}}''' - Cyrus's Conspiracy is occasionally used as a component of the deck's engine. Although Mother Gengar only runs two ''Team Galactic's Invention'' Trainer cards, both of them Poké Turns, Cyrus's Conspiracy's ability to search out a Supporter card from the deck, as well as a [[Energy card (TCG)#Basic Energy cards|Basic Energy]], can be beneficial.
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