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Mother Gengar (TCG)

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==Key Cards==
* '''{{TCG ID|Stormfront|Gengar|18}}''' - The deck's main attacker, Gengar is used primarily to snipe around the opponent's weak benched Pokémon for cheap, easy prizes. However, Gengar is able to knock out the opponent's Active Pokémon, either through a lucky ''Fainting Spell'' flip or with the situational but powerful ''Poltergeist'' attack.
*''' {{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Nidoqueen|30}}''' - Nidoqueen, while it can provide attacking support, is primarily used for healing Gengar to prevent the opponent from circumventing ''Fainting Spell''.
*''' {{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}}''' - Claydol is the deck's main draw support. With its ''Cosmic Power'' Poké-Power, Claydol allows for continual hand refreshment which is critical to recovering lost Gengar.
* '''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Uxie|43}}''' - Although Claydol provides a more consistently reliable source of draw, an Uxie ''Set Up'' early in the game can be critical to getting off the ground after a bad start or drawing the combination of cards needed to get a Claydol on the field.
* '''{{TCG ID|Platinum|Crobat G|47}}''' - Crobat G's ''Flash Bite'' Poké-Power, in combination with {{TCG|Team Galactic's Invention G-105 Poké Turn|Poké Turn}}, is vital to knocking out the opponent's 70 HP benched Pokémon, such as Uxie and Azelf, with just one ''Shadow Room''.
* '''{{TCG|Looker's Investigation}}''' - Looker's Investigation helps the Mother Gengar player gauge whether ''Shadow Room'' or ''Poltergeist'' will be more effective in certain situations by showing how many {{TCG|Trainer card|Trainer}}, {{TCG|Supporter card|Supporter}}, and {{TCG|Stadium card|Stadium}} card the opponent has in his or her hand. It can also provide hand refreshment in a pinch.
* '''{{TCG|Night Maintenance}} '''- With only 110 HP, multiple Gengar will often be knocked out in a single game, and Night Maintenance's role is to return them to the field as soon as possible.
*''' {{TCG|Rare Candy}}''' - Rare Candy simply allows the Gengar player to skip the {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Haunter|40}} or, in the case of Nidoqueen, {{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Nidorina|73}} phase of evolution, which allows for an early advantage due to a faster setup.
* '''{{TCG|Call Energy}}''' - Call Energy can salvage an otherwise bad start, or simply add to an already good one. Early in the game, attacking is not especially important to begin with, and taking two Basics out the deck can result in a much faster setup. Putting the Basics on the bench rather than into the hand, as many supporting effects do, means that they can be evolved on the player's next turn. This can often lead to a turn two Claydol, and from there, the Mother Gengar player's setup is generally simple.
==Typical decklist==