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Mother Flygon (TCG)

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|caption={{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Flygon|5}} and {{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Nidoqueen|30}}
|cards={{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Flygon|5}}, {{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Nidoqueen|30}}, {{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}}, {{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Double Colorless Energy|103}}
*'''{{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Nidoqueen|30}}''' - The main reason Nidoqueen is used is for its ''Maternal Comfort'' Poké-Body. ''Maternal Comfort'' removes one damage counter from each of the Mother Flygon player's Pokémon between turns. Although it is a simple effect, it is extremely helpful in that it helps prevent Flygon and Claydol from being Knocked Out. Flygon is already able to tank fairly well, since it has a decent 120 HP, so a damage removal effect makes it even more difficult for the opponent to Knock Out. Since Flygon requires three Energy to use its main attack, and often has Expert Belt attached, it is very beneficial to keep each Flygon in play for as long as possible. Additionally, with so many decks in the 2009-2010 metagame able to damage drawing support cards such as {{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}}, Nidoqueen is a critical part in maintaining the ability to draw cards. Although it is primarily used for its Poké-Body, Nidoqueen can also function as a solid attacker in a pinch. With Expert Belt attached, it can do 60 damage with ''Mega Punch'' for only {{e|Psychic}}, and up to 120 damage with its second attack, ''Ruthless Tail''. Its Poké-Body and all-around versatility make Nidoqueen a good complement to Flygon.
*'''{{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}}''' - Although some decks can function without this staple card, Flygon, being a tremendous setup deck, is not one. With Flygon's strategy being so reliant on the ability to set up quickly, extra drawing support is extremely important, and Claydol provides that. Claydol's ''Cosmic Power'' {{TCG|Poké-Power}} allows the Mother Flygon player to put up to two cards from their hand on the bottom of his or her deck and draw cards until he or she has six cards in hand. This is a very powerful effect, and it has made Claydol one of the most important cards to the metagame since its release in the {{TCG|Great Encounters}} expansion. Although Claydol can never function as a solid attacker due to its low HP and low damage capability, the fact that it is an evolved Pokémon allows it to contribute to Flygon's ''Power Swing'' attack.
*'''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Double Colorless Energy|103}}''' - An extremely useful card in Mother Flygon. Allows Flygon to attack with ''Power Swing'' after only two turns of Energy attachments. Also compatible with Nidoqueen, since ''Ruthless Tail'' costs {{e|Psychic}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}.
===Other Pokémon===
*'''{{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Flygon LV.X|105}}''' - Flygon LV.X is used primarily for certain match-ups. It must be used with caution, because it gives Flygon a ×2 weakness against {{e|Colorless}} Pokémon instead of its regular +30 Weakness. However, Flygon LV.X can be used to score unexpected Knock Outs in a pinch. Although it has no additional attacks that simply damage the defending Pokémon, its ''Extreme Attack'' does 150 damage to any one of the opponent's {{TCG|Pokémon LV.X}} in play for {{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}. Since many decks in the format at the time, particularly {{TCG|Pokémon SP|SP}} decks, were highly dependent on Pokémon LV.X, this is very useful for scoring crippling Knock Outs in difficult situations. Additionally, Flygon LV.X's {{TCG|Poké-Body}}, ''Wind Erosion'', discards the top card of the opponent's deck between turns, possibly discarding key components of their strategy and/or bringing them close to a deck out, a win condition for the Mother Flygon player. ''Wind Erosion'' and ''Extreme Attack'' make Flygon LV.X a useful but not crucial part of Mother Flygon's strategy.
*'''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Uxie|43}}''' - Uxie is a staple card in most decks, that can help Mother Flygon get set up quickly with its ''Set Up'' Poké-Power, which allows the player to draw cards until they have seven cards in their hand. Before Claydol hits the field, Uxie can provide drawing power. However, since Uxie is a Basic Pokémon and takes up a bench space that could be reserved for an evolved Pokémon, it should be used as little as possible in Mother Flygon. Having a benched Basic Pokémon prevents Flygon's ''Power Swing'' attack from doing as much damage as it could otherwise.
*'''{{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Unown G|57}}''' - Unown G is critical when playing against {{TCG|Mother Gengar}}, since it can protect benched {{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}} from being targeted by {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Gengar|18}}'s ''Shadow Room'' attack. It also prevents {{TCG|Basic Pokémon}} from being Knocked Out by {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Machamp|20}}'s ''Take Out'' attack, in addition to stopping a number of other metagame decks reliant on effects other than damage.
===Other Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums===
*'''{{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Bebe's Search|89}}''' - Simply used to search for whatever Pokémon the player may need at any given time.
===Energy cards===
*'''{{TCG ID|Majestic Dawn|Call Energy|92}}''' - Useful in the early game for setting up. Also able to be used for any of Flygon's attacks, since Flygon uses only {{e|Colorless}} Energy.
*'''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Double Colorless Energy|103}}''' - An extremely useful card in Mother Flygon. Allows Flygon to attack with ''Power Swing'' after only two turns of Energy attachments. Also compatible with Nidoqueen, since ''Ruthless Tail'' costs {{e|Psychic}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}.
*'''{{TCG|Psychic Energy}}''' - Compatible with both Flygon and Nidoqueen. Also provides Nidoqueen with free retreat when attached to Flygon due to its ''Rainbow Float'' Poké-Body.
*'''{{TCG|Fighting Energy}}''' - Provides Claydol with free retreat when attached to Flygon.