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==Possible Tech Cards==
[[File:ShayminLVXPlatinum126.jpg|thumb|left|{{TCG ID|Platinum|Shaymin LV.X|126}}]]
*''' {{TCG ID|Majestic Dawn|Chatot|55}}''' - Chatot was used in some builds for hand refreshment, as well as its ability to "Chatter Lock." ''Chatter Locking'' prevented an opponent's starter Pokémon, such as {{TCG ID|Stormfront|Sableye|48}} or {{TCG ID|Arceus|Spiritomb|32}} from retreating until it was either knocked out or, in some cases, the opponent ran out of cards in his or her deck.
*''' {{TCG ID|Platinum|Shaymin LV.X|126}}''' - Shaymin LV.X boosted Jumpluff's maximum hit points of 90, considered dismally low for a Stage 2 Pokémon, to 130 through its ''Thankfulness'' {{TCG|Poké-Body}}. Although ''Thankfulness'' counteracted one of the deck's biggest downfalls in Jumpluff's frailness, Shaymin LV.X was difficult to get on the field and could be a detriment to a fast setup. Builds utilizing Shaymin LV.X usually did so at the exclusion of Luxray GL LV.X.
* '''{{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Sunflora|31}}''' - Sunflora's ''Sunshine Grace'' Poké-Power, which allowed the player to search his or her deck for any {{TCG|Grass}}-type Pokémon, was often used as a support Pokémon in place of Claydol, after the latter's rotation.
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