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Raieggs (TCG)

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*'''{{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Exeggutor δ|41}}''' is- placedusing in''Split theBomb'', deckit for its ability tocan cause an opponent's entire bench to become heavily damaged and force them to send a damaged Pokémon into play when their Active Pokémon is knocked out. Its other attack, ''Delta Circle'', is commonly used to finish the job, dealing 10 damage plus an additional 10 for each Pokémon in play with δ on its card.
*'''{{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Raichu δ|15}}''' is- a versatile Pokémon. Its purpose in the deck is really to make opponents think twice about sending Pokémon with {{TCG|Pokémon Power|Poké-Power}}s onto the field, but it can also be used late in the game because its ''Metallic Thunder'' attack can hit for a massive 90 damage, at the cost of two discarded Energies.
*'''{{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Holon's Castform|44}}''' is- the deck's perfect starter, because with its ''Delta Draw'' attack, the player will gain huge card advantage early, which is crucial to victory.
*The'''{{TCG lastID|EX keyCrystal partGuardians|Cessation ofCrystal|74}}''' the- deckturns isoff theall {{TCG|HolonPoké-Powers Engine}},and whichPoké-Bodies alsofor allowsboth aplayers. The player toutilizes quicklyno burnPoké-Powers throughor theirPoké-Bodies; decktherefore, gettinghaving Exeggutorno δdrawbacks and Raichu δ ontoon the fielduser. quickly.
*The last key part of the deck is the '''{{TCG|Holon Engine}}''', which also allows a player to quickly burn through their deck, getting Exeggutor δ and Raichu δ onto the field quickly.
==Typical deck list==