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Clemont is an inventor who takes pride in his inventions and science in general, although a recurring gag involves his devices often failing to work (or partially working) before exploding. Whenever Clemont would introduce one of his inventions, he would usually say, "The future is now thanks to science". He is impressed with Ash's bravery and compassion towards Pokémon, which is what motivates him to travel with Ash, so he could become stronger himself. He is also intelligent, always providing the group with explanations and facts.
Clemont loves his younger sister Bonnie, being willing to catch a Pokémon for her to keep. He also takes good care of her, putting her in bed when she gets tired and protecting her in danger. However, he easily gets embarrassed by her antics of trying to get a wife for him, as seen when he visibly became upset after she asked [[Viola]] and {{kal|Jessica}}women if they could marry him, causing him to drag her away with his Aipom arm, or simply pick her up with it. He is also quick to scold her if she does something she shouldn't do.
Clemont is usually shown as being nonathletic, as he easily gets tired while running. However, he also seems to have a reckless side, as shown in ''[[XY007|Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!]]'' when he grabbed a rock, jumped in the air, and aggressively smashed the remote that Team Rocket were using to trap all the {{p|Rhyhorn}} and Pikachu in a cage.
In ''[[XY015|An Appetite for Battle!]]'', Clemont is shown to be a good cook, as he prepared dinner to the group.
In ''[[XY021|A Pokévision of Things to Come!]]'' and ''[[XY031]]'', he appears to be somewhat photophobic, aswhen Bonnie was filming him for a Pokévision video, he was visibly shaking and studdering and ten episodes later, he is very visibly shaking when he, Serena, Ash, Bonnie, and Korrina are having their picture taken.