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Plot: Touchups.
Waking up in his/her bedroom, the {{player}} heads downstairs and is greeted by their [[Grace (Kalos)|mother]] who tells them to go change out of their pajamas. After doing so, their mother encourages the player to go outside and talk to their neighbor. From there, the neighbor, [[Serena (game){{ga|Serena]]}}, if the player is male, or [[Calem (game){{ga|Calem]]}}, if the player is female, remarks that [[Professor Sycamore]] has a task for five kids, including the player character. The neighbor also adds that they are surprised that the Professor knows who the player is. Also, [[Shauna]] introduces herself and tells the player that she and the player's neighbor will wait for the player in [[Aquacorde Town]].
Once the player leaves [[Vaniville Town|their hometown]], they go north on [[Kalos Route 1|Route 1]] and arrive in Aquacorde Town, where Shauna calls the player over. Serena/Calem then introduces both [[Trevor]] and [[Tierno]] and Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno all come up with their own ideas for a nickname for the player. If the player does not like any of these, then they can choose to make their own nickname. From then on, Shauna, as well as Trevor and Tierno from time to time, will address the player character by the selected nickname. Tierno then allows the player to choose a starter Pokémon, {{p|Fennekin}}, {{p|Froakie}}, or {{p|Chespin}}. After the player chooses their starter, Shauna will choose the Pokémon that is weak to the player's starter and Serena/Calem will take the Pokémon that is strong against the player's starter, in traditional [[Rival|rival]] fashion. Trevor presents the player with a [[Pokédex]], and Tierno gives the player the {{key|VI|Prof's Letter}} to take to their mother. However, before the player can leave Aquacorde Town, Shauna challenges the player to a battle.
The player defeats Shauna and, after she heals the player's Pokémon, the player returns to Vaniville Town and gives the Prof's Letter to their mother. The player's mother welcomes the player back, congratulates them on receiving a starter Pokémon, and then gives them a [[Town Map]]. The player leaves, only to be stopped by their mother's {{p|Rhyhorn}}. Their mother comes out and explains that the Rhyhorn only wanted to give the player a send-off. From there, the player goes north once more, passing through Aquacorde Town on their way to [[Santalune City]], which is accessed by travelling along Routes [[Kalos Route {{rtn|2|2]]Kalos}} and [[Kalos Route {{rtn|3|3]]Kalos}} and making it through [[Santalune Forest]]. Upon arrival in Santalune City, the player must battle a Trainer who is standing in front of the entrance to the [[Santalune Gym|town's Gym]]. Once the player defeats that Trainer, they receive the {{key|VI|Roller Skates}} from the Trainer and can now challenge the Santalune City Gym. If the player defeats the Santalune City Gym Leader, [[Viola]], then they will receive the {{Badge|Bug}} from her and her sister, [[Alexa]], will let the player pass on to [[Kalos Route {{rt|4|Route 4]]Kalos}}, as well as give the player the {{key|VI|Exp. Share}}.
As the player reaches the gate to [[Lumiose City]], they meet [[Sina]] and [[Dexio]] who discuss the pokemonPokémon [[Flabebe]]{{p|Flabébé}} and the new [[{{t|Fairy]]}} [[type]]. When the player first reaches Lumiose City, they cannot do much because of a power outage. They go to Professor Sycamore's lab and soon afterwards everyone arrives. He encourages them to be the best trainer they can be. Everyone battles each other and he battles the player with the first stage of the [[Kanto]] [[Starters]]{{pkmn|Starter}}s. Afterwards, he lets the player choose one. The others choose one although the don'tdo not use them on their teams. When the player goes down to the ground floor, they see Dexio with [[Lysandre]] about the potential the Professor's pupils have.