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* Start of turn:
*:* WithWhen low healthasleep:
::"''???Time to wake up soon, surely.''"
:* OtherwiseWith low health or a status ailment:
::"''Hmm, this is no laughing matter...''"
:* When victory is near:
::"''Looking good, I'd say!''"
:* Otherwise:
::"''This is our job, after all...''"
* Start of battle:
*:* When attacking a castle:
::"''I'm more than just a pretty face!''"
:* When defending a castle:
* After winning a battle:
:"''What's* up?If Stunnedhe intoattacked silencea by this incredibly handsome man?''"castle:
::"''What's up? Stunned into silence by this incredibly handsome man?''"
:* If he defended a castle:
::"''Well, the ladies would have been sad if I'd lost, after all...''"
* When defeated:
*:* If recruitable:
::"''Hey! I like the look of you, kinda...''"
:* If defeated by something other than the enemy: