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Talk:List of glitches in Generation VI

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O-Power and Super Training Visual Glitches: more details
Just had this happen earlier today:
It's mostly a visual glitch. If I touched the bottom "speed power" I'd get speed power like usual, but if I touched the top one I'd get attack power. So it seems like just the graphic is wrong. But what's interesting is if I touched that blank spot, nothing would happen. So it's not just the screen not being drawn correctly; the menu itself got corrupted somehow. I'm not sure how. I tried to scroll it with the stylus and it seemed to "stick" for a moment and then this. It stayed like this when I scrolled and when I selected a power and then went back; it only fixed itself when I actually used an O-Power.
A similar thing I've seen is that you can often trigger one thing while another thing is activating. For example touch something on the Pokemon-amie or Super Training screen, then immediately press L/R; you hear the sound as if you touched it and maybe even see it react but then the screen switches. Sometimes I've also pressed a button or walked into something while passing into a loading zone, and it'd start to open a menu or play a sound while fading the screen out. You can see the player character walking around while it fades out too. I haven't found any useful effects from this but I wouldn't be at all surprised if you can cause some interesting glitches by doing these things with precise timing; after all, so many glitches are just the result of "what if I do this and this at the exact same time"?
Not quite related: at one point I noticed what I think is a sprite glitch as well. I had Mightyena on the Super Training screen (beating up a bag) while walking around and I looked down and saw his icon-sprite ([[File:Ani262MS.png|the small one]]) right beside the left arrow (that you can touch to switch to Pokemon-amie). I thought maybe it's telling me to check the other pages, so I pressed L a couple times, but nothing seemed unusual, and when I came back to the Super Training screen, the sprite was gone. I don't know if this is something that's supposed to happen? Seemed like a glitch to me since it didn't appear to actually ''do'' anything. [[User:HyperHacker|⬡]] ([[User talk:HyperHacker|talk]]) 07:48, 30 June 2014 (UTC)