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[[File:PokesavScreenshot.png|thumb|right|Screenshots of Pokésav 0.39 English, when used with {{wp|Windows XP}}]]
'''Pokésav''' is a program that edits {{game|Diamond}}, {{game|Pearl}}, {{game|Platinum}}, {{game|HeartGold}}, {{game|SoulSilver}}, {{game|Black}}, {{game|White}}, and{{game|Black [[Pokémon Black2}}, and {{game|White Versions 2|Pokémon Black 2]]}} save files, developed by a Japanese programmer by the name of COM. One version works with any Diamond or Pearl save file, and another works with Platinum, including those backed up from a commercial cartridge using a flashcart such as the R4 or a cheating device such as the GameShark Duo. The application can also export [[Action Replay]] DS codes; when activated, the codes will provide the same effects in-game as editing the save file.