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Timburr (Gates to Infinity)

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* When the house is done:
:"''Well, even if it doesn't look very pretty... ...I had a really good time doing this job! You said it. This has gotta be the most fun I've ever had on a job. It's like... Yeah, it's kinda shabby... But it's not REALLY shabby... It's kinda strage, but...I'm pretty happy with the work we did. In an odd sorta way. Though it really is...not much to look at, huh?''"
* When Virizion appears:
:"''Wow! It's really her!''"
:"''Miss Virizion, you are somehow even lovelier today than you were yesterday.''"
* When the player is in the inn:
:"''Well, the truth is, we all... Every last one of us here has been rejected by the lovely Virizion.''"
:"''{{tt|Bwaaahaaahaaaaaah!|Said with Ducklett, Roggenrola, Patrat, Rufflet, and Gurdurr}}''"
* AFterwards:
:"''WAAAHHHHHH!!!''"{{tt|*|One Timburr}}/"''Bwaaahhh!''"{{tt|*|The other Timburr}}
* At Desolate Canyon:
:"''If anything happens to our customers... won't be getting off easy!''"
:* After winning:
::"''The lovely Virizion is-- --going to join <player> and <partner>?!''"
:* In Virizion's flashback:
::"''Boss! We'll go with you!''"
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