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Timburr (Gates to Infinity)

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:"''Wha--WHAAAT?! E-even after he's been so terrible to you... Why would you--?!''"
:"''Sniff... Sniff... Bwaaaaaaaaahhh! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Thank you! Thanks, you guys! WAAAHHHHHH!!!''"
:* At the end of Hazy Pass:
::"''We're nearly to the peak now. Oh! Ain't that...the boss?''"
::* If the player is defeated:
:::"''Just take a minute here to get yourselves ready... ...then I think you'll be up for heading out again. Don't worry about us when you're ready to go. Just go on. We'll meet up with you in no time.''"
:::* When the player comes back:
::::"''<player>! <partner>! We've been waiting for you! We'll stick with you guys from here on out!''"
::* After the player wins:
:::"''Boss! You're wrong!''"
:::"''<partner> and <player> already knew about your injury! We told them about it!''"
:::"''But even knowing that, <partner> and <player>... They still want you to build their house!''"
:::"''Boss! Let's go back to work! Let's all work together again! Please, Boss! Let's go back to the old days when we used to have fun, Boss!''"
:::"''B-Boss! Boss!!!''"
* When the house is done:
:"''Well, even if it doesn't look very pretty... ...I had a really good time doing this job! You said it. This has gotta be the most fun I've ever had on a job. It's like... Yeah, it's kinda shabby... But it's not REALLY shabby... It's kinda strage, but...I'm pretty happy with the work we did. In an odd sorta way. Though it really is...not much to look at, huh?''"
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