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:"''... ...''"
:"'' It's nothing. Yeah, forget it... Just go and get those gems already.''"
* When the player has returned:
:"''W-wait... Please wait right there!''"
:"''...We know. You're going after {{DL|List of Mystery Dungeon characters|Scraggy}}, aren't you?''"
:"''Yeah. 'Course he is. And if you wanna know where he's going... Well, we can tell you that.''"
:"''Scraggy is headed for [[Hazy Pass]]. You'll find him if you go there. Yeah, so you little punks had better-- I mean, we, uh, we think you should go. Go after {{p|Scraggy}}...and take back what was stolen from you. Just go get your blue gems back already!''"
:"''It happened before you two came to the inn. When Scraggy bumped into you from behind... ...he took your blue gems.''"
:"''W-we--! W-we're sorry, all right?! We didn't mean nothin' by it!''"
* In Hazy Pass:
:"''Boss! Please...just stop!''"
:"''Boss... We're begging you! Please...stop doing these things!''"
:"''Gyeeeaaahhh! B-Boss! P-please! Let this be the last time you do this kind of thing, OK?''"
:"''We don't wanna do this anymore. We never work. All we do is bad stuff. We don't want to watch any more of this... You never used to be like this, Boss... You were nice! And you loved your work... You're not... Well, you're not the boss we knew. Not anymore.''"
:"''We don't want to do bad things anymore, Boss! Please, Boss! We're begging! Can't we... Can't we just do honest work together like we used to? Can't you just...have fun working with us again?''"
:"''Yes... You see, our boss...he used to be a great carpenter... Really! Everyone loved his work back then... We were in awe of his skill and that's why we wanted to work with him. Being his apprentices was really, really fun back then... But then...the boss got injured one day... After he injured his back, he couldn't move the way he used to. His body just wouldn't listen. So he couldn't build the way he used to, either. And becasuse of that, he couldn't practice his building skills, so they went downhill... But even then--! Even without his old skills, the boss kept doing the best he could, y'know? He still had pride in his work. But...then it happened...''"
:"''A certain Pokémon asked us to build him a house. Work had become pretty scarce by that time. We were all so happy, all three of us... We poured our hearts into that house. We used up every last drop of energy we had to build it... And that Pokémon... He started by bashing the quality of our work... And then he destroyed the house. Right before our eyes.''"
:"''At first we thought he had torn it down because our work wasn't good enough... If that were really the reason, well... I guess we would've had to deal with it. But that wasn't the reason. From the very start...he was just toying with us!''"
:"''He had us build that house with every intention of tearing it down afterward... Planning from the start to complain about the work as an excuse not to pay us... That Pokémon called the boss's house a piece of garbage! Can you imagine? And smashed it over and over until there was truly nothing but garbage left... The boss had no confidence in himself after that day... He gave in to his despair and stopped working at all... And eventually he started cheating other Poké you.''"
:"''We tried saying that, too. But the boss just wouldn't listen to a word we said... In the end, he's the one who felt the loss of his skills most... And that house! He tried so hard to do a perfect job... And then it all got torn down in front of his face. I don't think it's any surprise he gave up after seeing that. But still...that doesn't mean he should become a criminal! We don't want the boss to keep doing these bad things... We thought maybe we could change things this time... And that's why we tried telling you about Scraggy, <player>... But in the end, the boss...isn't going to change, is he? We want to work together with the boss again... We want him to go back to being the same old boss who loved what he did... Sniffle...sniffle...''"
:"''Wha--WHAAAT?! E-even after he's been so terrible to you... Why would you--?!''"
:"''Sniff... Sniff... Bwaaaaaaaaahhh! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Thank you! Thanks, you guys! WAAAHHHHHH!!!''"
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