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Timburr (Gates to Infinity)

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* When the player is in Post Town for the first time:
:"''What? Our "master"? Do you mean...the boss? If you;re lookin' for the boss, he's inside...''"
:"''We certainly can. C'mon then. Don't dawdle or nothin'.''"
* In the inn:
:"''Huh? What are you talkin' about? [[Swanna (Gates to Infinity)|That]] ain't the boss! In what world does that look like a carpenter, huh? That over there's Swanna. She owns this place. She's in charge. You'll see our boss just over there... THAT'S our boss. Gurdurr.''"
:"''L-listen up... The boss has a bit of a vicious temper. Mind your manners.''"
:"''H-hey, Boss... S-see, these folks here...''"
:"''So, uh...wh-what do you think, Boss?''"
:"''Uh... B-Boss?''"
* In Post Town:
:"''... ...''"
:"'' It's nothing. Yeah, forget it... Just go and get those gems already.''"
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