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Pokémon Adventures volume 33

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*[[PS373|Round 373 - Mirages of Mismagius II]]
*[[PS374|Round 374 - Brash Bronzong I]]
==Important events==
* {{adv|Platinum}} defeats [[Crasher Wake]].
* The trio meet Cynthia again at the [[Pokémon Mansion (Sinnoh)|Pokémon Mansion]].
* The trio meet [[Professor Carolina|Cynthia's grandmother]] and she tells them the legend of the three lakes of Sinnoh.
* [[Cyrus]] invades the [[Celestic Ruins]].
* Platinum defeats [[Fantina]].
* The trio encounter Platinum's father and [[Professor Rowan]] trapped inside a cube in the [[Canalave Gym]].
==Gym battles==
*Crasher Wake in [[PS366]]
*Fantina in [[PS373]]
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