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{{incompleteadv|Silver}} plotrealizes that each of the sixteen plates represent a Pokémon [[type]], excluding [[Normal (type)|Normal]]. During {{adv|Crystal}}'s battle against [[Ariana]], Silver gives his {{p|Rhyperior}} the Earth Plate, which makes it deliver an astoundingly powerful [[Ground (type)|Ground-type]] attack against Ariana. After that, Silver runs off to the [[Ecruteak Gym]], leaving Crystal to finish the battle herself.
Once he arrived, Silver was confronted by [[Bugsy]], [[Falkner]], and [[Chuck]], so he told them he was here to see [[Morty]]. In the past, however, many others had already broken into the gym and forced Morty to look into the future, so Silver had to prove himself a worthy visitor. His {{p|Sneasel}} could easily battle Bugsy's {{p|Kakuna}} and Falkner's {{p|Noctowl}}, but was defeated by a [[Triple Kick (move)|Triple Kick]] from Chuck's {{p|Hitmontop}}. Silver then sends out {{p|Rhyperior}}. Both Rhyperior and Hitmontop use their horns to fight each other, until they stopped all of a sudden. It was revealed that Hitmontop actually recognizes Rhyperior, because it had once battled its [[Rhyhorn (Pokémon)|pre-evolved form]] against {{adv|Blue}}.
Silver explains how he obtained his Rhyperior. After the [[Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Hoenn Battle Frontier]] Tournament, Silver went with Blue to the eighteenth hideout in [[Kanto]], because he had sent his {{p|Ursaring}} there to take care of {{adv|Giovanni}}, his wounded father. However, when he showed up that time, neither Giovanni nor Ursaring was there. Silver told Blue that he managed to decipher ''Secrets of the Land'', and wanted to use that book to make Blue's {{p|Rhyhorn}} more powerful. Thus, he [[trade|traded]] with Blue, and obtained Rhyperior that had just [[evolution|evolved]] from Rhyhorn.
Upon hearing about Silver's connection with Blue, Chuck allows Silver to enter the gym. Meanwhile, Morty was already with {{adv|Gold}}. Because it was difficult for Morty to describe his thoughts in words, he decided to sketch them instead. Suddenly, Silver shows up at the door, so Morty asks him who he is. Silver shows Morty his [[Pokédex]], and was allowed to proceed into the gym. Finally, Gold and Silver both meet each other, each with the intent of hearing Morty's thoughts for the future.
==Major events==