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Tower Tycoon (Trainer class)

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* Though the word "[[wiktionary:tycoon|tycoon]]" is actually derived from the Japanese word 大君 ''taikun'', it is converted into katakana as an English term to match the names of the other Frontier Brains' Trainer classes, rather than using the hiragana たいくん or its respective katakana, タイクン (without the lengthening {{wp|chōonpu}}).
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{tower color light}}|bordercolor={{tower color}}
|zh_cmn=對戰大君 / 对战大君 ''{{tt|Duìzhàn Dàjūn|Battle Tycoon}}''
|fr_eu=As Du Salon ({{gen|III}})<br>Aigle Tour ({{gen|IV}})
|it=Dama Torre ({{gen|III}})<br>Boss Torre ({{gen|IV}})
|ko=타워타이쿤 ''Tower Tycoon''
|es_eu=Dama Torre ({{gen|III}})<br>Amo Torre ({{gen|IV}})