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Recurring items on the ground are quite rare within the Pokémon series. Although multiple items can be bought at [[Poké Mart]]s, finding items on the ground repeatedly in the same place is almosta unheardrare ofoccurrence. [[Generation I]] had no known places where there were recurring items. [[Generation II]] introduced [[Apricorn]] trees and Berry trees, on which new Apricorns and Berries would grow every day; however, there were still no known places of reoccurring items on the ground.
[[Generation III]] continued the idea of the Berry tree in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, as well as introducing {{DL|Exchangeable item|Shoal Salt}}s and {{DL|Exchangeable item|Shoal Shell}}s. However, in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, the Berry tree was removed and replaced by recurring Berries hidden on the ground in [[Berry Forest]]. [[Berry|Berries]] may regenerate every 512 steps. Other areas of recurring items include [[Treasure Beach]], south of {{OBP|One Island|town}}.
*The [[Berry Master]] on {{rt|123|Hoenn}} will give two random berries per day. The [[Berry Master's wife]] will also give a random berry if her question is answered.
*A [[Kiri|girl]] in [[Sootopolis City]] will give two random berries per day.
*An elderly gentleman in [[Pacifidlog Town]] will give either {{TM|21|Frustration}}, if your lead Pokémon does not like you, or {{TM|27|Return}}, ifdepending youron the lead Pokémon's likes youhappiness. He will give one once per week.
In {{v|Platinum}}, there are more non-player characters that require something of the player in order to give an item.