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[[File:TCG_GB_Grass_Club.png|right|thumb|224px|Main room]]
The '''Grass Club''' (Japanese: '''グリーンクラブ''' ''Green Club'') is a group of Trainers who use {{ct|Grass}} Pokémon in {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card GBGame}}. It is led by [[Nikki]]. It appears to be the female counterpart of the [[Science Club]], because the Grass Club has only women and the Science Club has only men. Both clubs use Grass-type cards.
Nikki is not initially present in her Club, one must defeat all of the other Club members to learn of her location. Once found, she will head back to the Club where she can be challenged as many times as the player wishes. Players who are able to beat Nikki will receive the {{TCG|Medal|Grass Medal}} and two booster packs.