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When Diamond is attacked and seemingly killed by a {{m|Shadow Force}} from Giratina after pushing Pearl out of the way of the attack, Reg suddenly turns around and appears to leave. However, Reg quickly returns and reveals that it only left to bring the appliances to allow {{p|Rotom}} to change forms and attack Charon. When Giratina tries to attack it from behind, Reg simply tosses it on Heatran and throws a large pile of snow on the two. When Pearl travels to the Distortion World, he holds Reg's Poké Ball since Diamond had mysteriously disappeared beforehand.
Later, at the [[Distortion World]], when Charon sends Heatran to attack Diamond and Pearl, Reg comes out of its Poké Ball once again to fight it a second time. As their battle continues, several other legendary Pokémon get into the fight. During the battle, Reg, along with several others, is put to sleep by {{p|Darkrai}}; however, {{p|Shaymin}} manages to save them by turning their Abilities to {{a|Insomnia}} with {{m|Worry Seed}}, saving them from an attack from Giratina. The battle with Giratina ends when it attempts to escape, leaving only the Pokémon that can fly to be able to chase it back into the real world.
Later, after Charon and Giratina are defeated, Reg, along with the other legendary Pokémon, emerges from the Distortion World with [[Paka and Uji]] in its hands.