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Back inside the Battle Dome, the press are excited to see real Trainers battling as opposed to virtual Trainers. They note how {{FB|Dome Ace|Tucker}} has appeared amongst the lineup of challengers participating in the tournament. Most of the reporters are banking on Emerald making it all the way to the top, but one of them notes that the newcomers in Ruby and Sapphire are proving themselves to be equally promising. Ruby, with [[Mumu]], and Sapphire, with [[Chic]], easily defeats their opponents with a single hit, allowing them to advance to the next round. Emerald and Tucker also beat their opponents, which allows them all to advance to the semifinal round.
Scott notes that the match-ups between Emerald vs Ruby and Sapphire vs Tucker will be interesting. Scott goes over to Tucker to ask how ehe's doing. He wonders what will happen if Tucker loses to Sapphire before he gets battle Emerald. Tucker suggests that whoever wins the tournament will be awarded the Tactics Symbol, but states that he won't lose anyway. Tucker states that he doesn't care about winning, and that all that matters is getting strong enough to beat [[Guile Hideout|Guile]].
In the first semifinal match, Emerald and Ruby go on the stage. Emerald attempts to check Ruby's data, only to be interrupted by Ruby recording [[Mumu]], [[Feefee]], and Rara. A referee enters the stage, demanding to know what Ruby is doing, only for Ruby to tell him to set up a stage light for his Pokémon. Ruby tells Emerald that he doesn't need to check up on his team, as he already made them available to see. Ruby sends out Rara first, so Emerald counters with his {{p|Dusclops}}.