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Track 54.
caption1=Japanese CD front cover artwork, featuring {{p|Charizard}} |
* The track of "Pokemon Was Caught Successful" is missed in all soundtrack including this. The original track of {{game|Red and Green|s|Pocket Monsters Red & Green}} is in Disc 2 track 99 05:00 of [[Game Boy: Entire Pokémon Sounds Collection CD]]. Also this track is no any new remix or recreate in new version of Pokemon series after [[Pokémon Emerald Version]] since all other versions (including Gen II, Ruby, Sapphire, Gen IV and after) are used "Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!" track as "Pokemon Was Caught Successful".
** [ "Pokemon Was Caught Successful" music in Gen I]
** [ "Pokemon Was Caught Successful" music in FireRed (9:14)]
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