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[[File:ET01 sampler 1.png|thumb|right|Mini-comic sampler cover]]
[[File:Indigo League box 2 cover retail.jpg|thumb|left|The cover of the second boxset shown on retail websites]]
* Various [[Pokémon {{pkmn|manga samplers]]}} of [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]] were included with some of the original individual releases. The first sampler, included with ''I Choose You! Pikachu!'', was actually released before the first issue of the regular [[List of Electric Tale of Pikachu monthly issues|monthly issues]] of the manga, making it the first appearance of any [[Pokémon manga]] to English-speaking audiences.
* On retail websites, the second North American boxset image shows [[Jessie's Arbok]] right next to her. However, on all actual boxsets it is Ekans that appears.