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Recurring items
In [[Generation V]], {{DL|Exchangeable item|TinyMushroom}}s will regrow, though they will remain invisible. Primarily, these are found on {{rt|6|Unova}} and {{rt|12|Unova}}, but can also be found in [[Icirrus City]] in the {{DL|Seasons|Winter}}. Additionally, a {{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}} and {{DL|Valuable item|Stardust}} may wash up on {{rt|13|Unova}}, by the {{tc|Black Belt}}, or at [[Undella Bay]], on the shore, once per day. Another {{DL|Valuable item|Pearl}} may be found periodically on {{rt|18|Unova}} near the {{tc|Battle Girl}}. The {{DL|Drink|Lemonade}} found on the road on {{rt|9|Unova}} will also regenerate occasionally.
Outside of [[Pinwheel Forest]], there is a Challenge Rock that invites {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon to smash it. Doing so will produce a {{DL|Valuable item|Star Piece}} once per day. In {{2v2|Black|White|2}}, the same invitation stands, however, only a {{DL|Valuable item|Stardust}} is produced.
In {{2v2|Black|White|2}}, the recurring items differ slightly, as do the locations.